Crop circle failure

Crop circle failure

Crop circle failure

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Sept. 17 2006 3:02 PM

Crop circle failure

Babloggee Duncan Kitchin directed me to an incredibly bad article on the ABC website about ... wait for it... crop circles. The title alone, "Circular Sightings Tough to Explain" should key you in on the level of discourse of the article (as well as the fact the writer quoted Stan Friedman about crop circles -- or about anything for that matter).

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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The article is somewhat self-aphasic, as it says:


From crop circle designers and top-level researchers to the baffled farmers who usually find them, nobody really knows the origin of crop circles.

... and then goes on to extensively quote a guy who admittedly makes crop circles.


But the best line belongs to crop circle expert, Jeff Wilson, with my emphasis added:

If you're looking for an angle to sell, the mystery is still out there.

So true, so true.