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Aug. 21 2006 11:00 AM


Actually, that's con, as in the World Science Fiction Convention, held in LA this year from August 23 - 27.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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The schedule has been posted, and if you search through it you might find a name or two that's familiar. In fact, you'll see my name, because I'll be giving two talks and sitting in on several panels (I'm autographing my book there too). I plan on having a TON of fun, because many cool folks will be there, including loads of Star Trek people (like Mike Okuda, whom I met when I toured the Enterprise set, and Rick Sternbach, who was a poster on the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today bulletin board).


A fan has actually put together an extensive set of pages laying out the schedule, which makes finding things a lot easier. Nicely done, too.

And just when I get my breath back after that con, I'm heading off to Dragon*Con in Atlanta for more fun. Firefly cast members will be there! I am in major fanboy geek heaven.

I'll have more details later on, but if any BAblogees are going, post a comment here!

And lessee, hmmm... yeah, I think that ends the Trek posts for a while.