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Falcon around

Falcon around

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May 1 2006 7:36 PM

Falcon around


Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Webcams are pretty cool. Beyond the Jennie-cam variety I mean, which is fine if you're into that. But they're the kind of technology that can be applied in imaginative ways, ways the inventor may not have thought of. For example, you can set up live cams outside of rocket launches; NASA has done that as have some private space companies. These aren't your $30 Logitech cams, but still, the principle is the same.


One of my favorite uses now is for spying on critters that are a bit shy. Naturalists and other nature lovers have set up cameras near birds' nests, so they can check up on the feathery fowl. Two of my favorites:


I like to keep them open in a browser in the background and check up on them every now and again. It's pretty cool.

Maybe I need to install one on my hummingbird feeder...'