Hong Kong's Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant Is A Mash-Up of Chinese Temple and Boat

Part Boat, Part Restaurant, Part Chinese Palace, Jumbo Kingdom Is All Spectacle 

Part Boat, Part Restaurant, Part Chinese Palace, Jumbo Kingdom Is All Spectacle 

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Aug. 28 2015 3:21 PM

The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant

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A small trend of floating restaurants has built up in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbor over the years, but none is so large or iconic as the bustling Chinese wonderland, Jumbo Kingdom.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant was built in 1976 after years of planning and millions of dollars worth of development. The incredible barge holds over four floors worth of eateries and attractions, ranging from fine dining to tea houses and wine gardens. Able to seat over 2,300 visitors at a time, the floating gargantuan is almost like a small city unto itself, with grand staircases and skinny walkways criss-crossing between the various establishments.


While the site is known for its seafood, the exterior of the giant boat is likely the most memorable feature. Designed by Jumbo Kingdom's builder, Dr. Stanley Ho, who is also known as "The King of Gambling," due to his 40-year monopoly on the Macau gambling industry, the outside of the location is an ornately modern recreation of an ancient Chinese imperial palace. Decked out in countless neon lights and brightly colored flourishes, the remarkable ship looks like something out of a science-fiction film, incorporating traditional Chinese architecture and 21st century spectacle.

Jumbo Kingdom is moored in the harbor and it's continued success should keep it afloat for the foreseeable future.

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