Tammy Oler

Tammy Oler is a Brooklyn-based writer who has written about pop culture and fandom for Slate, Bitch, Vulture, and Geek among others.

Oct. 7 2014 9:56 AMSafe as HousesTana French’s extraordinary Dublin mysteries portray a city where everyone’s looking for a home.
April 7 2014 11:42 PMMarvelousMs. Marvel and Captain Marvel are changing the way readers (and publishers) think about who can be a superhero.
March 1 2013 11:31 AMWool, GatheringHow self-pubbed best-seller Hugh Howey overturned the author-reader relationship—and wrote the next great sci-fi saga.
March 27 2012 1:13 PMHunger Games Tourism: Visit Scenic District 12 in North Carolina
May 6 2014 7:11 AMOut of the CaveThe extraordinary image of girlhood at the center of Clan of the Cave Bear.
Jan. 5 2014 11:53 PM“I May Look Like Her, but Inside I Am Honorable!”Flowers in the Attic, daughters, and moms.
June 19 2012 11:55 AMUgh, You’re Probably a DirectionatorOne Direction’s teen fans love the British boy band—and hate the poseurs. A lesson in pop fandom in the age of Tumblr.
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