Susan Matthews
Susan Matthews

Susan Matthews is Slate’s science editor.

Medical Examiner
Oct. 26 2016 5:15 AMWe’ve Misdiagnosed the Problem With Donald TrumpIt’s not what’s in his head that matters. It’s what’s in ours.
Oct. 3 2016 2:46 PMWe Don’t Know Whether Roller Coasters Cure Kidney StonesBut we do tend to accept even the smallest, most preliminary studies as fact. We should stop.  
The Slatest
Sept. 15 2016 2:51 PMEveryone Says Trump Is 6-Foot-2. So Why Does Trump’s Doctor Say He’s 6-Foot-3? A Theory.
Future Tense
Sept. 1 2016 11:21 AMSpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test-Fire, No Casualties Reported
June 24 2016 9:33 AMAre Bridge Players Subconsciously Changing Their Game Strategy in Response to Trump?A small amount of nonsense research suggests so. But it’s statistically significant so let’s take it extremely seriously.
May 31 2016 3:45 PMDon’t Be Upset About HarambeGet angry about what’s killing most other gorillas.
Brow Beat
May 9 2016 8:09 AMThis Week’s Worst Person in Westeros: Jon Snow
The XX Factor
Oct. 7 2016 6:07 PMTrump Says Misogynistic Things All the Time. The Lewd Video Is Still Sickening.
Oct. 3 2016 11:00 AMAre You Eating Cereal the Right Way?
Medical Examiner
Sept. 12 2016 4:06 PMMedical Records Won’t Tell Us Anything Useful About the Candidates’ HealthThe “concern” over Clinton’s pneumonia is about politics, not medical precision.
Five-ring Circus
Aug. 19 2016 6:04 PMShould We Feel Bad for Ryan Lochte?An Olympics debate.
The Anti-Marathon
June 5 2016 8:00 AMLet the Slate Anti-Marathon Begin!Here’s what participating Slatesters plan to train for in the coming months. 
The Anti-Marathon
May 31 2016 5:57 AMJoin the Slate Anti-MarathonTrain for something—anything!—with Slate staff and your fellow readers.
The Audio Book Club
May 6 2016 11:32 AMThe Audio Book Club Meets Lab GirlSlate critics discuss Hope Jahren’s memoir of plants and friendship.