Sudhir Muralidhar

Sudhir Muralidhar is a Slate intern.

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Aug. 8 2004 6:16 AMNuclear Strikeout
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July 30 2004 5:24 PMTexas Hold 'EmThe story behind Tom DeLay's redistricting coup.
June 29 2004 12:52 PMWhat Makes Iraq a Sovereign Nation?No treaty power. An occupying army. What can the Iraqis do for themselves?
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Aug. 6 2004 4:36 PMJoin the Kerryvan!John Edwards' cheap bus, heat exhaustion, and other tales from the campaign.
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July 17 2004 6:46 AMServing Time With Martha
June 17 2004 5:58 PMWhat's the Point of a Byline Strike?How anonymity became a bargaining chip.
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Jan. 27 2015 6:07 PM How the Koch Brothers Could Make, Break, or Reshape Republican Politics in 2016 Charles and David Koch are putting $900 million into the 2016 race. How they can make, break, or reshape Republican politics. 
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Jan. 27 2015 11:18 AM Slate Voice: “American Liar” Listen to Mark Joseph Stern read his piece about Jesse Ventura’s defamation suit against Chris Kyle.