Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson is the author of five books, including Everything Bad Is Good For You andThe Ghost Map, and co-founder of

The Book Club
March 19 2008 7:03 AMDittoheads vs. Polymaths
Aug. 22 2006 12:24 PMAn iPod for TVHow Apple could make it work.
Net Election
Oct. 13 2004 6:43 PMGoogle for PresidentWhy the campaigns should advertise in your search results.
Brave New World
March 22 2004 4:33 PMThe Science of Eternal SunshineYou can't erase your boyfriend from your brain, but the movie gets the rest of it right.
Oct. 24 2003 4:02 PMThe Best Search Idea Since GoogleHow Amazon can make money from books you already own.
March 6 2003 5:36 PMGoogle's Memory UpgradeHow Blogger could do more than improve Google's Web searches.
Jan. 14 2003 10:37 AMDon't Pay To PlayWhy grown-ups shouldn't spend money on video games.
Nov. 12 2002 11:28 AMThe No-Magic KingdomEven without wizards, the Sims Online is a fantasy.
The Book Club
March 18 2008 7:41 AMMore Fiction, but More Facts, Too
May 12 2005 6:14 AMPop Culture Is Good for Us
April 23 2004 5:29 PMHow To Hack Your HeadA buyer's guide to recreational brain scanning.
Dec. 16 2003 1:58 PMSimCandidateVideo games simulate sports, business, and war. Why not politics?
July 16 2003 11:39 AMDigging for GoogleholesGoogle may be our new god, but it's not omnipotent.
Feb. 17 2003 11:58 AMGeeks without borders.
Dec. 10 2002 11:09 AMIs the Computer Desktop an Antique?Soon, Apple and Microsoft will need new metaphors for their operating systems.
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