Soraya Roberts

Soraya Roberts is a Toronto writer who contributes regularly to the Toronto Star and is the author of the film blog Incinerater. Follow her on Twitter.

May 22 2013 5:15 AMIs Everyone Smoking Pot but Me?In Canada everyone’s smoked pot, my best friends, my colleagues, even my mom. But I’ll stick to my prescription drugs.
Jan. 23 2013 12:52 PMI Don’t DrinkDon’t hold it against me.
June 22 2012 6:40 AMNick Slaughter for PresidentHow the star of a cheesy Canadian detective show became a political hero in Serbia.
The XX Factor
April 9 2013 11:00 AMAgainst Marriage: A Ring Does Not Define a Relationship
Sept. 17 2012 3:55 AMSmall Waist, Large Breasts, Big ProblemI may have your ideal figure, but just try shopping for a bra.
June 5 2012 7:15 AMI Don’t Want To Have ChildrenI’m not even sure I have a biological clock.
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