Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds is the author of Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past.

Oct. 5 2012 11:32 PMYou Are Not a SwitchRecreativity and the modern dismissal of genius.
May 29 2009 7:02 AMGrunge's Long ShadowIn praise of "in-between" periods in pop history.
The Book Club
March 7 2006 1:08 PMThe Sexual Politics of "Twee Pop"
Aug. 23 2011 3:20 PMThe Ghost of Teen SpiritWhy we should let Kurt Cobain rest in peace.
July 25 2006 2:38 PMBlazin' Out Yo La TengoWhat happens when Brits and hip-hop collide.
Oct. 5 2005 7:50 AMSeize the TimeGang of Four and the eternal returns of retro rock.
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