Seth Stevenson
Seth Stevenson Seth Stevenson

Seth Stevenson is a frequent contributor to Slate. He is the author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World.

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April 30 2014 11:41 AMWhich Gadgets Do Slate Tech Writers Hate the Most?
The Good Word
April 29 2014 10:38 AMShibboleth. Casuistry. Recondite.Bubble vocabulary: the words you almost know, sometimes use, but are secretly unsure of.
TV Club
April 21 2014 4:01 PMPeggy, Shirley, and the Flowers on Mad Men: American Race Relations in a Nutshell
TV Club
April 14 2014 10:01 AMMad Men, Season 7, Part 1Is Joan finally moving up in the world?
TV Club
April 10 2014 12:00 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 1Matthew Weiner has no one to blame but himself for our forever reading the Mad Men tea leaves.
March 30 2014 9:00 PMGetting to “Yes, And”How improv comedy skills became a must-have for entrepreneurs.
March 9 2014 11:45 PMI Tried a 3-D Printer and All I Made Was Plastic Goo
Feb. 26 2014 12:21 PMWhat Is the Time Signature of the Ominous Electronic Score of The Terminator?A Slate investigation.
Feb. 11 2014 11:43 PMNever Mop AgainThe new Scooba robot promises to scrub your floors clean. Does it really work?
Ad Report Card
Feb. 3 2014 7:08 AMThe Super Bowl Ad Report CardThe best and worst spots of 2014.
Sports Nut
Jan. 21 2014 12:41 PMRichard Sherman, Bad SportWhy is everyone celebrating the Seattle cornerback’s behavior?
Cool Story
Oct. 14 2013 11:45 PMLosing Our CoolHey Silicon Valley: Stop co-opting cool.
Sept. 23 2013 10:49 AM“Man at His Best” Moves to TVEsquire launches a network for non-meathead-y dudes with cash to spare.
Ad Report Card
Aug. 26 2013 6:00 AMDesigned by Doofuses in CaliforniaApple’s new ads make the company look lame.
Culture Gabfest
Aug. 21 2013 11:07 AMThe Culture Gabfest “In a World Without Steve and Dana” EditionSlate's podcast about the new film In a World, experiments in online longform journalism, and “Blurred Lines.”
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April 29 2014 2:32 PMBubble Vocabulary: The Slate Email ThreadBehind the scenes of Seth Stevenson’s piece on words you don’t quite know how to use.
TV Club
April 28 2014 12:55 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 1Why did Don agree to return to SC&P?
April 20 2014 11:35 PMThis Bot Does WindowsIt’ll clean your panes inside and out. But is it worth $400?
Brow Beat
April 13 2014 10:09 PMDid Mad Men’s Season Premiere Pay Homage to The Graduate?
April 6 2014 11:06 PMBackwashI tried a Japanese wonder toilet. Americans need to drastically rethink the way we clean our butts.
March 17 2014 10:45 AMCoachbotsNew high-tech sports gadgets that promise to improve your game.
March 5 2014 12:55 PMIs That App Really Worth Seven Bucks?The top five paid apps for Android and iOS, reviewed.
Feb. 26 2014 12:13 PMRash DecisionsNow that the Fitbit Force has been recalled, which fitness tracker is best?
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 6 2014 10:57 AMI'm a Luger, BabyI went to Lake Placid to sled like an Olympian. It was totally terrifying—and unbelievably fun.
Jan. 26 2014 10:31 PMHow Do You Say Addictive in Spanish?The wonderful free language app that makes learning new tongues incredibly fun.
Jan. 15 2014 11:09 AMReinventing the Smoke DetectorCan Nest—the company Google just paid $3.2 billion for—eliminate unwanted bleeps, chirps, and false alarms?
Oct. 11 2013 7:45 AMReelin’ in the YearsSteely Dan’s Donald Fagen writes a portrait of the artist as a grumpy old man.
Brow Beat
Sept. 12 2013 2:15 PMThe 57,600 Seconds I Spent at the Million Second Quiz
Future Tense
Aug. 23 2013 1:11 PMGoogle Glass Field Trip App Is Amazing, Unless You're With Other People
Aug. 12 2013 6:03 PMThe Whitey Bulger TrialIn the least surprising verdict ever, the Boston gangster is very, very guilty. Here’s why the trial wasn’t a waste of time.


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Dear Prudence
July 29 2015 2:41 PM “If You’ve Got a Good Solution, I’m Going to Steal It for a Future Answer.” Dear Prudence and The Gist follow up with “Creeped Out,” a letter writer with an unfriendly co-worker.