Sean Rocha

Sean Rocha is a former columnist for the Cairo Times and a frequent commentator on cultural and international political issues. He can be reached at

Book Blitz
Oct. 15 2004 7:54 PMWhat's With All the "National Best Sellers"?How so many books get to the top of the charts.
May 7 2004 4:43 PMHow Does a Sotheby's Auction Work?First, they let you touch the Renoir.
March 10 2004 6:04 PMCan an Opera Singer Be Too Fat?Do Pavarotti's extra pounds help make him great?
Feb. 16 2004 6:50 PMHow Does Sweeps Week Work?Why networks roll out the big guns—and why advertisers put up with it.
June 16 2004 7:09 PMWhy Does Gaza Matter?How come so many groups are wary of a plan that seems like a step in the right direction?
March 25 2004 4:53 PMDo Unbuilt Architects Get Paid?How an architect who produces countless designs but few buildings can be a success.
March 5 2004 10:55 AMHow's Choreography Recorded?Pirouette, port de bras, plié—is there a way to write it down?
Jan. 21 2004 2:56 PMWho Pays $15,000 for a Dress?How couturiers turn a profit.
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