Reihan Salam
Reihan Salam

Reihan Salam is a columnist for Slate.

March 1 2007 3:49 PMWatching "Watch Now"Netflix's new movies-on-demand service, reviewed.
Sept. 29 2006 2:28 PMThe Movie Hollywood Doesn't Want You To SeeIdiocracy, the feel-bad comedy of the year.
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May 19 2006 5:33 AMMasturbation and SolitudeThe Adam Sandler production that will save mankind.
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 15 2006 3:46 PMWhite Snow, Brown RageThe racial case against the Winter Olympics.
May 14 2002 2:54 PMFascist Family FeudWhy Europe's xenophobes just can't get along.
Jan. 10 2007 3:21 PMThe DVD That Will Save AmericaNow you can finally watch Mike Judge's suppressed masterpiece, Idiocracy.
June 29 2006 12:12 PMThe Future of FuturismDown with the techno-utopians! Up with the techno-realists!
The Dismal Science
May 11 2006 3:55 PMLove Thy PlayStation, Love ThyselfWhy you should make a $500 game console your life partner.
May 28 2002 5:41 PMThe Sum of All PCHollywood's reverse racial profiling.
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March 27 2015 5:16 PM What Happened at Slate This Week? Alison Griswold describes her experience reporting on the Germanwings tragedy.