Ray Fisman

Ray Fisman is a professor of economics at the Columbia Business School and co-author of The Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office. Follow him on Twitter.

The Dismal Science
Feb. 13 2012 7:35 AMWill You Accept This Digital Rose?How little flower icons could solve Internet dating’s biggest problem.
The Dismal Science
Jan. 6 2012 5:52 AMThanks, TeachA new study suggests that a good grade school teacher can boost college attendance rates, reduce teenage pregnancy, and increase a student’s earning potential.
The Dismal Science
Nov. 9 2011 7:00 AMIs Telecommuting a Good Idea?A new study finds that working from home makes sense. Sometimes.

The Dismal Science
Aug. 24 2011 1:41 PMWeather and WarA new study suggests El Niño may be to blame for nearly a quarter of recent global conflicts.
The Dismal Science
June 1 2011 7:52 AMThe Persistence of HateGerman communities that murdered Jews in the Middle Ages were more likely to support the Nazis 600 years later.
The Dismal Science
March 18 2011 7:13 AMRaises Don't Make Employees Work HarderBut pay cuts make them slack off.
The Dismal Science
Jan. 20 2011 12:42 PMWhen Does Amnio Make Sense?A new study suggests the old rule—test women over 35—isn't just wrong, it's backward.
Oct. 20 2010 12:55 PMInside JobA new study pinpoints just how valuable inside information is to traders. Could you mimic their trades and reap the same rewards?
The Dismal Science
Sept. 28 2010 10:08 AMHow Much Do You Think He Makes?Does knowing your colleagues' salaries make you happy or disgruntled?
The Dismal Science
July 30 2010 2:25 PMThe Canseco EffectWherever he went, Jose Canseco made his teammates better power hitters. Can statistics be used to find juicers?
The Dismal Science
May 24 2010 10:29 AMIndustrial EspionageHow the CIA got the world to buy American during the Cold War.
The Dismal Science
April 23 2010 10:01 AMNudges Gone WrongA program designed to reduce energy consumption persuaded some Republicans to consume more.
The Dismal Science
Feb. 3 2010 9:45 AMWe're Blowing ItA new paper suggests U.S. military aid does nothing to reduce drug production in Colombia.
Dec. 13 2009 7:01 AMThe Invisible Hand of GodAdam Smith thought competition among religions was a good thing. Does Hanukkah prove him wrong?
The Dismal Science
Nov. 13 2009 7:11 AMAre Men More Competitive Than Women?Don't bet on it.
The Dismal Science
Feb. 1 2012 1:18 PMFood for NaughtDoes sending food aid to struggling nations do more harm than good?
The Dismal Science
Nov. 29 2011 10:08 AMNarco EconomicsA new study that could help Mexico win its war on drug traffickers.
The Dismal Science
Oct. 21 2011 7:13 AMA Picture of DemocracyHow digital cameras and smartphones might reduce corruption in Afghanistan and elsewhere.
The Dismal Science
July 7 2011 7:35 AMDoes Health Coverage Make People Healthier?A new study provides a compelling answer to the vexing question underlying the health care debate.
The Dismal Science
May 30 2011 8:04 AMThe Highest Form of FlatteryDo knockoff Prada bags hurt Prada—or help the company sell more of the real thing?
The Dismal Science
Feb. 9 2011 1:38 PMMary Gates and Karen Zuckerberg Weren't Tiger Moms Is the Amy Chua approach bad for the American economy?
The Dismal Science
Dec. 1 2010 10:21 AMYou Never Forget Your FirstWhy do voters tend to stick with whatever political party they join when they turn 18?
Oct. 13 2010 1:05 PMIn Defense of Middle ManagementA new study demonstrates just how important bureaucracy and paperwork really are.
The Dismal Science
Aug. 11 2010 1:38 PMClean Out Your DeskIs firing (a lot of) teachers the only way to improve public schools?
The Dismal Science
July 7 2010 7:15 AMThe Almighty DollarAre preachers motivated by the desire to save souls or to make cold, hard cash?
The Dismal Science
May 12 2010 7:04 AMThe Right Kind of Peer PressureWant girls to do better in school? Surround them with smart classmates.
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 11 2010 7:02 AMIs Figure Skating Fixed?A new study suggests that efforts to keep Olympic judges honest have only made them more crooked.
The Dismal Science
Jan. 10 2010 7:09 AMHow to Make America More InnovativeGive scientists more incentives to innovate.
The Dismal Science
Nov. 23 2009 10:42 AMIllegal ContactDoes watching football lead to domestic violence?
The Dismal Science
Oct. 22 2009 9:31 AMErrors in JudgmentWere hundreds of criminals given the wrong sentences because lawyers messed up a basic work sheet?



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