Phillip Carter

Phillip Carter is an Iraq veteran who now directs the veterans research program at the Center for a New American Security.

War Stories
Aug. 7 2007 6:43 PMCombat ConfessionalWhat to make of the New Republic's Baghdad Diarist?
July 23 2007 5:13 PMThe Torture Two-StepBush's new torture order and its loopholes.
May 9 2007 4:54 PMLiterary Battle FatigueThe Army can regulate soldiers' blogs and letters—but it shouldn't.
War Stories
March 30 2007 6:59 PMBroken ArrowHow the U.S. Army broke in Iraq.
War Stories
Feb. 9 2007 11:51 AMThere Are Four Iraq WarsHow many of them can we win?
The Book Club
Nov. 15 2006 12:13 PMWhat's a Superpower To Do?
War Stories
Nov. 8 2006 5:46 PMA Catalog of FailureRumsfeld's biggest blunders and how they've harmed America.
War Stories
Oct. 18 2006 3:41 PMThe Thin Green LineWhat the latest violence reveals about the failed U.S. strategy in Iraq.
Oct. 27 2005 1:52 PMArriving in a Combat Zone
Oct. 25 2005 5:40 PMThe Things He Carried
May 26 2005 12:36 PMWhat Is Torture?An interactive primer on American interrogation.
April 4 2005 5:51 PMLegal CombatAre enemies waging war in our courts?
War Stories
Dec. 27 2004 6:34 PMIraq 2004 Looks Like Vietnam 1966Adjusting body counts for medical and military changes.
War Stories
Nov. 18 2004 1:28 PMWhat the Marine DidThe shooting of an unarmed Iraqi was a tragedy. But was it a war crime?
Nov. 11 2004 1:35 PMLoyal to a Fault?The Senate should hold Alberto Gonzales accountable for his bad legal advice.
War Stories
Aug. 1 2007 3:02 PMIrrelevant ExuberanceWhy the latest good news from Iraq doesn't matter.
War Stories
May 23 2007 4:59 PMExit Stage RightA step-by-step plan for withdrawing from Iraq.
War Stories
April 18 2007 3:20 PMPlan FUBARTime for Plan G in Iraq?
War Stories
March 1 2007 6:28 PMFour-Star BureaucratsIt's time to fire a few generals.
War Stories
Dec. 7 2006 6:45 PMWhat About the Grunts?The Iraq Study Group talked to generals when it should have talked to corporals.
The Book Club
Nov. 14 2006 12:47 AMThe Timelessness of War
War Stories
Nov. 6 2006 3:52 PMRip It Up and Start AgainHow the Saddam verdict will inflame the insurgency.
Slate's 10th Anniversary
June 18 2006 8:13 PMWhat Is Torture?An interactive primer on American interrogation.
Oct. 26 2005 2:18 PMThe Ups and Downs of Preparing for War
War Stories
June 2 2005 6:54 PMDismissed!We won't solve the military manpower crisis by retaining our worst soldiers.
War Stories
May 13 2005 6:15 PMDebasedThe hidden problems in the Pentagon's base-closure list.
Jan. 31 2005 5:17 PMI Like MikeMichael Chertoff isn't the Neanderthal he's been made out to be.
War Stories
Dec. 3 2004 6:26 PMAll Homeland Security Is LocalWhich is why Bernard Kerik is the right choice to lead the department.
Nov. 17 2004 7:11 PMHow They Count the Enemy DeadWhy's it so hard? Let us count the ways.
Oct. 25 2004 3:29 PMTo Fight Another DayThe real reason Guantanamo detainees have returned to the battlefield.



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