Paul A. Kramer
Paul A. Kramer

Paul A. Kramer is an associate professor of history at Vanderbilt University and the author of The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States and the Philippines.

Feb. 3 2017 11:59 AMNot Who We AreThe United States is neither a land of nativists nor a haven for immigrants. Our xenophobic impulses and loftiest ideals have been in conflict since the founding.
April 23 2012 3:22 PMThe Case of the 22 Lewd Chinese WomenA crazy 19th-century case shows how the Supreme Court should deal with Arizona’s immigration law.
Sept. 7 2016 5:15 AMDesert, StormThe Bush administration thought an elective war would make America safer. Then Katrina hit. The untold story of the Iraq war’s toll on New Orleans.