Osita Nwanevu

Osita Nwanevu is a Slate intern.

Oct. 22 2014 11:06 AMThe Right to RunIf you can vote, you should be able to run for public office—any office.
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Aug. 25 2014 7:50 PMU.S. Military Preps Surveillance Drones As Syria Warns Against Incursion
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Aug. 19 2014 11:40 AMThree Relatives of Pope Francis Die in Crash
Aug. 15 2014 7:58 PMIn Solidarity With FergusonProtesters in Washington debate about responses to police brutality.
Aug. 7 2014 11:52 AMBlindsidedDesigning a book cover for a collection of short stories about characters caught by surprise.
July 23 2014 1:10 PMThe Ivy League Is Not the ProblemThe persistent, misguided belief that universities can transform students into better, less-entitled people.
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July 2 2014 3:06 PMPakistan’s New Security Operation Is a Humanitarian Crisis. The U.S. Is Partially To Blame.
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Aug. 26 2014 10:32 PMDefense Officials Push for Attack on ISIS in Syria
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Aug. 19 2014 10:52 PMFerguson FAQ: What Charge Is Darren Wilson Facing and Other Questions Answered
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Aug. 18 2014 12:22 AMAutopsy Report Shows Michael Brown Was Shot Six Times
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Aug. 13 2014 4:26 PMUnarmed Black Bystander Maced by Mall Security at Protest in Seattle
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July 29 2014 10:02 AMBoom and BustA half-century ago, sonic boom tests terrified Oklahoma City residents.
July 17 2014 2:24 PMCrime FightersWhy the GOP is waking up to the need for criminal justice reform.
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June 27 2014 5:44 PMWill Fasting for Ramadan Hurt the Performance of Muslim Players in the World Cup?