Neil J. Young

Neil J. Young is a writer and historian in New York. He teaches at Princeton.

Jan. 15 2014 8:30 AMHow a Document Called “The Family” Informs Mormon Positions on Gay Marriage
April 16 2008 1:15 PMShort Creek's Long LegacyHow a failed 1953 raid shaped the relationship between polygamists and the government.
Dec. 19 2007 3:58 PMSouthern Baptists vs. the MormonsMike Huckabee's and Mitt Romney's faiths have tangled before.
Dec. 20 2011 6:58 AMThe Rise of the Singing Christmas TreeHundreds of people! Thousands of lights! Flying angels! Fireworks! Sequins! The megachurch extravaganzas explained.
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Jan. 30 2008 3:42 PMWho's the Next Mormon President?No, not Mitt Romney …
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