Nate DiMeo
Nate DiMeo

Nate DiMeo is a journalist in Los Angeles.

Sept. 18 2008 11:15 AMRead Me a Story, Brad Pitt When audiobook casting goes terribly wrong.
Five-ring Circus
Aug. 21 2008 6:53 AMOlympic-Sized RacismRemembering the 1904 games, where Indians, Pygmies, and other "savages" faced off in the interest of science.
Sports Nut
Oct. 5 2007 7:29 AMMy Plan To Save HockeyThe NHL should be more like pro soccer. No, I'm not crazy.
Sept. 5 2008 4:55 PMThe Trials of TrigWhat special needs does a special-needs baby really have?
Sports Nut
July 14 2008 7:24 AMDerek Jeter vs. Objective RealityWhy baseball researchers are obsessed with denigrating the Yankee captain's defense.
Sports Nut
Aug. 15 2007 7:01 AMBaseball's Particle AcceleratorThe new technology that will change statistical analysis forever.
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Feb. 11 2016 4:35 PM The End of Football  Why the sport is no longer justifiable as a thinking person’s pastime.