Molly Worthen

Molly Worthen teaches religious history at the University of Toronto.

Feb. 9 2012 3:06 PMThe Complicated History of Catholics, Protestants, and ContraceptivesToday Christian leaders are united against Obama’s birth-control coverage rules. In the past, the Pill and condoms divided them.
Nov. 18 2011 4:29 PMWho Is John Galt and Why Is He on Lululemon Bags?
Ayn Rand groupies, yoga enthusiasts, and the American genius for self-absorption.
Dec. 5 2011 2:50 PMCan the GOP Become the Party of the Working Mom?How Michele Bachmann's new memoir tries to woo America's "career women."
July 13 2011 10:13 AMSign Here, and Here, and HereFAMiLY LEADER's "Declaration of Dependence" is just one in a long line of evangelical manifestos.
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