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Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.

The Gist
June 11 2014 5:36 PM13 Days a BeatleThe Gist on the Beatle you’ve never heard of, and the case for restricting who can buy sugary soda.
The Gist
June 9 2014 6:23 PMZen and Beef Jerky at the World Series of PokerThe Gist talks with Colson Whitehead about poker and former Taliban captive David Rohde on Bowe Bergdahl.
The Gist
June 6 2014 5:34 PMFreakonomics Is Basically a Peanut Butter CupThe Gist gets author and podcaster Stephen Dubner to reveal the “secret sauce” behind the Freakonomics empire.
The Gist
June 4 2014 6:06 PMDoes Delaying Gratification Always Lead to Success?
The Gist
June 3 2014 7:13 PMDoes Obama Need More Drama?The Gist on the pros and cons of rhetorical restraint, and a visit to the Loser’s Lounge.
Hang Up And Listen
June 2 2014 6:07 PMWhat’s It Like to Coach During a Revolution? Bob Bradley Can Tell You.
The Gist
May 29 2014 11:15 PMWhy Math MattersThe Gist explores how to make talking about mathematics acceptable.
The Gist
May 27 2014 5:54 PMThe Vicious Circle of Mass Shooting Media CoverageThe Gist on why our obsession with creepy, violent misfits is dangerous.
The Gist
May 23 2014 8:31 PMReinvigorating ReparationsThe Gist explores how a new Atlantic article is shaking up the American discussion of race.
The Gist
May 21 2014 5:57 PMSpringtime for Hitler’s Stolen ArtThe Gist on a Nazi scion’s dramatic deathbed conversion.
Hang Up And Listen
May 19 2014 8:07 PMHang Up and Listen: The Way Too Many Animals EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Qatar’s World Cup catastrophe, the NHL playoffs, and California Chrome. 
The Gist
May 16 2014 5:56 PMInside the Jill Abramson FiringSorting palace intrigue at the New York Times from the real issues.
The Gist
May 14 2014 6:01 PMShould the Wildlings Be on the Terrorism Watch List?The Gist with Mike Pesca on Boko Haram and Game of Thrones.
The Gist
May 12 2014 5:53 PMSignifiers: Headphones, Beards, and the Washington Monument  Is Beats by Dre a good deal for Apple?
The Gist
May 9 2014 5:35 PMBankers and Internet Outrage and All These AndsThe Gist with Mike Pesca explores why it’s not that popular to prosecute bankers.
The Gist
June 10 2014 5:58 PMIs Extreme Ideology a Cause or a Symptom of Mass Shootings?
Hang Up And Listen
June 9 2014 5:10 PMHang Up and Listen: The Boring Plus Time Equals Consistency EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the NBA Finals, California Chrome’s Triple Crown bid, and Delonte West.
The Gist
June 5 2014 6:12 PMFancy Private College vs. Good-Enough UThe Gist and Dear Prudence talk with a mother weighing college debt against a dream school.
Culture Gabfest
June 4 2014 10:39 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Ow, Your Cheekbone!” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Maleficent, faking cultural literacy, and the song that introduced sex to pop music in 1909.
The Gist
June 2 2014 6:34 PMNegotiating With TerroristsThe Gist explores unanswered questions in the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
The Gist
May 30 2014 6:23 PMHow a Comedian Chooses Just the Right WordsThe Gist: Comedian Gary Gulman on humor and language, and Planet Money’s Adam Davidson on income inequality.
The Gist
May 28 2014 6:19 PMWill Racism Die When Today’s Racists Die?
Hang Up And Listen
May 27 2014 5:09 PMDo You Suffer From the Yips? How Can You Make Them Stop?
The Gist
May 22 2014 6:18 PMThe Role of Empathy in Israeli Peace NegotiationsThe Gist gets a glimpse into the mindset of Israel’s leadership.
The Gist
May 20 2014 6:45 PMThe Guy Who Accidentally Started the “Retweets Don’t Equal Endorsements” Meme
The Gist
May 19 2014 6:11 PMWeren’t You in That        Movie …?The Gist with Mike Pesca speaks with Judy Greer about the blessing and curse of being a character actor.
The Gist
May 15 2014 6:21 PMElections in India, Debates in IdahoThe Idaho debate moderator shares the recipe for today’s viral video.
The Gist
May 13 2014 6:40 PMTwo Celebrated High School Coaches Meet for the First Time
Hang Up And Listen
May 12 2014 5:30 PMHang Up and Listen: The Baring Your Sole EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Michael Sam, the NBA playoffs, and the Vibram FiveFingers settlement.
The Gist
May 8 2014 6:06 PMHas the U.S. Crowdsourced Foreign Policy?The Gist with Mike Pesca on the hashtag that spurred a foreign incursion.



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