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Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.

The Gist
July 15 2014 4:59 PMCan We Really Learn to Be Happy?
Hang Up And Listen
July 14 2014 4:47 PMHang Up and Listen: The Ohio Player EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Germany’s World Cup win and LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
The Gist
July 10 2014 6:38 PMThis Guy Killed Hitler. All He Wants Is a Thank-You.The Gist on the downside of time travel, and why this might be the golden age for comedy writing.
The Gist
July 8 2014 5:23 PMWarren G. Harding in LoveThe Gist explores how the 29th president’s steamy love letters could change how we remember him.
Hang Up And Listen
July 7 2014 4:49 PMThe Hype Man Behind the Biggest Contest in Competitive Eating Tells All
The Gist
July 2 2014 6:31 PMPhilly, in Black and WhiteThe Gist talks with author Alice Goffman about her front-row seat for the war on drugs.
The Gist
June 30 2014 6:21 PMTaking (a Fake) One for the TeamThe Gist explores the strategy behind embellished dives, grass writhing, and limb clutching at the World Cup.
The Gist
June 27 2014 7:37 PMThe Diplomat Who F--ked UpGood thing The Gist is a podcast so we can quote the Polish Foreign Minister in full.
The Gist
June 25 2014 6:05 PMScalia Just Wants to Have FunThe Gist explores why liberals should think fondly of Antonin Scalia’s legacy.
The Gist
June 23 2014 6:50 PMIs Dick Cheney the Least Qualified Iraq Expert Ever?The Gist dissects pop song lyrics with John Moe, and negotiates like a Pashtun.
The Gist
June 20 2014 5:20 PMThe Sinister Business of Advertising to KidsThe Gist explores how McDonald’s and other companies market to children, and America’s evolving feelings about soccer.
The Gist
June 18 2014 5:51 PMShould We Ditch Internet Comments?The Gist explores research on the effects of negative commenting, and the morality of GM’s attorneys.
The Gist
June 16 2014 7:27 PMShould Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Quit Already?The Gist on the politics of Supreme Court retirements, and a GOP perspective on Iraq.
The Gist
June 13 2014 6:24 PMBlame Salt-n-Pepa for American Glottal StopThe Gist asks a linguist when it’s appropriate to correct your friends.  
The Gist
June 11 2014 5:36 PM13 Days a BeatleThe Gist on the Beatle you’ve never heard of, and the case for restricting who can buy sugary soda.
The Gist
July 14 2014 6:41 PMDavid Plotz Is Out, Panda Blogs Are InThe Gist discusses Slate’s future with outgoing editor David Plotz and incoming editor Julia Turner. 
The Gist
July 11 2014 6:53 PMHer Husband’s Stupid Record CollectionThe Gist listens to her husband’s stupid record collection.
The Gist
July 9 2014 5:58 PMInside the Principal’s OfficeThe Gist hosts a panel to discover what educators really think of the teacher tenure debate.
The Gist
July 7 2014 6:53 PMToday, It’s a Pot-CastThe Gist explores Washington State’s recreational marijuana law, which kicks in on Tuesday.
The Gist
July 3 2014 6:52 PMEmotions Are Contagious, but Probably Not on FacebookThe Gist calls bulls--t on Facebook’s study into emotional contagion.
The Gist
July 1 2014 6:26 PMWhat Happens on Amish Spring Break Stays in FloridaThe Gist learns what happens when modernity and money butt up against the Amish lifestyle.
Hang Up And Listen
June 30 2014 4:57 PMHang Up and Listen: The Soft Rock and Salary Caps EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the World Cup and how to build a basketball and baseball team. 
The Gist
June 26 2014 7:10 PMI Believe That We Will WinThe Gist on the U.S. soccer team’s new, winning chant, and the unpopular way to bring down New York rents.
The Gist
June 24 2014 7:37 PMThe Gist: How to Serve Legal Papers to the U.N. Secretary-General (Hint: Sneakily)
Hang Up And Listen
June 23 2014 5:37 PMHang Up and Listen: The White Elephant in Manaus EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the World Cup and Tony Gwynn’s legacy.  
The Gist
June 19 2014 5:22 PMDoes the Minimum Wage Create or Kill Jobs?The Gist weighs in on the living wage debate, and handicaps GOP chances of winning the Senate.
The Gist
June 17 2014 6:58 PMDirty Laundry? There’s an App for That.The Gist on whether the laundromat needs Silicon Valley’s help, and Mike’s sexiest, most unbelievable feud with clickbait.
Hang Up And Listen
June 16 2014 4:41 PMHang Up and Listen: The San Antonio Is Beautiful EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the Spurs’ NBA Finals win, the opening of the World Cup, and O’Bannon v. NCAA.  
The Gist
June 12 2014 6:45 PMPolls Say the Darndest ThingsThe Gist surveys peculiar polls from around the world and hears how Iran might become an unlikely U.S. ally in Iraq.
The Gist
June 10 2014 5:58 PMIs Extreme Ideology a Cause or a Symptom of Mass Shootings?




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Sept. 21 2014 11:34 PM People’s Climate March in Photos Hundreds of thousands of marchers took to the streets of NYC in the largest climate rally in history.
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Sept. 21 2014 11:38 PM “Welcome to the War of Tomorrow” How Futurama’s writers depicted asymmetrical warfare.
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