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Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.

The Gist
Sept. 15 2014 6:52 PMStorm Large Owns Her Sexuality The Pink Martini singer doesn’t care if you’re offended by her changing hair color or fake boobs.
The Gist
Sept. 12 2014 6:20 PMWhy Do I Keep Accidentally Dating Swingers?Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence explains what to do when the common denominator is you.
The Gist
Sept. 11 2014 6:06 PMDid You See Obama Pull a John Wayne Last Night?The Gist learns how the White House stages an effective presidential speech, visually.
The Gist
Sept. 9 2014 4:38 PMReductio Ad HitlerumFinally! The Gist collects our best Hitler material in one special episode.
The Gist
Sept. 8 2014 6:34 PMDan Carlin on the Art of the RetreatThe Gist speaks with Dan Carlin about the greatest retreats in military history (and why that’s not an oxymoron).
The Gist
Sept. 4 2014 8:08 PMA Brilliant Cellist Embraces the Devil’s MusicThe Gist speaks with cellist Maya Beiser about rocking out classically.
The Gist
Sept. 2 2014 7:32 PMCan Naps Make You Feel Worse?The Gist speaks with Maria Konnikova about when power napping works against us.
The Gist
Aug. 29 2014 8:51 PMThe Thing I Need to Do Before “I Do”The Gist and Emily Yoffe follow up with Dear Prudence writer “Young and Restless” from five years ago.
The Gist
Aug. 27 2014 6:18 PMHappy People Falling in Love Makes for a Boring StoryThe Gist learns how Anya Ulinich’s new graphic novel is both graphic (sexually) and novel (inventive).
The Gist
Aug. 25 2014 7:10 PMThe Bomb Makers’ Bomb MakerThe Gist learns what happened when a Nevada casino discovered a ransom note, and gigantic bomb, on its second floor.
The Gist
Aug. 22 2014 6:55 PMThe Proud Mom of 23 Could-Be KidsThe Gist learns the advantages of frozen families over room-temperature children.
Political Gabfest
Aug. 22 2014 10:22 AMThe “Why Isn’t Everyone Rioting?” EditionListen to Slate’s show about the aftermath of Ferguson, the horrifying execution of journalist James Foley, and L.A.’s potential voting lottery.
The Gist
Aug. 20 2014 6:00 PMDude, on the Set of the Big LebowskiThe Gist learns the story behind the making of the Dude.
The Gist
Aug. 18 2014 6:23 PMA Panda, a President, Woody Guthrie, and a Flag Walk Into a Bar …Slate editors and special guest Brooke Gladstone face off in a heated debate over American icons.
The Gist
Aug. 15 2014 8:47 PMIs That Ferguson or Selma?The Gist explores how Ferguson, Missouri, stands as a stark example of racial disparities in America.
Hang Up And Listen
Sept. 15 2014 5:10 PMHang Up and Listen: The Will Goodell Go? EditionSlate’s sports podcast on another terrible week for the NFL, U.S. domination of the basketball World Cup, and Jon Bois’ Breaking Madden series.
Slate Plus Video
Sept. 12 2014 5:05 PMMike Pesca vs. the Culture Gabfest Watch this week’s Culture Gabfest extra for Slate Plus
The Gist
Sept. 10 2014 6:14 PMThe Problem of Dual Arrests in Domestic ViolenceThe Gist explores what the Ray Rice case tells us about prosecuting domestic violence.
Hang Up And Listen
Sept. 8 2014 6:49 PMHang Up and Listen: The Ravens Cut Rice EditionSlate’s sports podcast on Ray Rice, the Atlanta Hawks owner’s email, and the worst high school quarterback ever.
The Gist
Sept. 5 2014 7:41 PMStop Calling Teaching a Calling. It's a Profession.The Gist explores the legacy of an education system with a circa 1820 one-room schoolhouse model.
The Gist
Sept. 3 2014 6:25 PMThe Almost Mystical Yet Totally Routine Process of ReadingThe Gist explores the mystery of the mind's eye.
Hang Up And Listen
Sept. 2 2014 4:36 PMHang Up and Listen: The Jerry Loves Johnny EditionSlate’s sports podcast on college football’s neutral-site money grab, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and the U.S. Open.
The Gist
Aug. 28 2014 7:08 PMGilbert Gottfried Speaks for the BirdsThe Gist asks the comedian about the old showbiz world that drew him to comedy.
The Gist
Aug. 26 2014 7:13 PMPuppies Don’t Win PulitzersThe Gist speaks with the Center for Public Integrity about recent investigations you might have missed.
Hang Up And Listen
Aug. 25 2014 5:14 PMHang Up and Listen: The All’s Fair in Love and WAR EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the value of the NFL preseason, Alex Gordon’s unlikely MVP candidacy, and Kevin Love’s move to Cleveland.
Slate Archives
Aug. 22 2014 4:05 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?The Gist’s Mike Pesca shares the stories that most intrigued him this past week.
The Gist
Aug. 21 2014 6:41 PMIs Infidelity Still a Third Rail for TV?The star of the FX show Married stays likable despite extramarital opportunities.
The Gist
Aug. 19 2014 7:33 PMIt’s 2014. Let’s Discuss Polling About Hillary Clinton in 2016!
Hang Up And Listen
Aug. 18 2014 5:17 PMHang Up and Listen: The “Are the Kids Alright?” EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the new baseball commissioner, the Little League World Series, and continuing gender inequality in sports.
The Gist
Aug. 14 2014 7:18 PMIn Ukraine, Even the Flags Are ClashingThe Gist explores when a flag becomes a political message in this vexillology corner.



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