Michael Wood
Michael Wood

Michael Wood, who teaches at Princeton, is the author, most recently, of Literature and the Taste of Knowledge.

May 18 2009 6:35 AMThe Myth of Gabriel García MárquezHow the Colombian writer really changed literature.
Aug. 3 2007 7:19 AMThe Secret Lives of AustraliansThe chronicler of the outback is master of the interior.
April 10 2006 6:24 AMThe Election With No ResultsJosé Saramago's timely political parable.
July 23 1996 3:30 AMLive and Let DieNo, Trainspotting doesn't glamorize the junkie life. It just makes it sound reasonable.
Book Blitz
Oct. 30 2007 11:38 AMWhat's Love Got To Do With It?Mario Vargas Llosa dissects an obsession.
July 31 2006 6:55 AMMusketeers Without a CauseRediscovering the secret core of Dumas' classic.
The Book Club
Nov. 1 1998 3:30 AMBorges, Moore, and Munro 
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Behind the Scenes
July 27 2015 3:45 PM The Great Writing Vs. Talking Debate Is it harder to be a good writer or a good talker?