Michael Thomsen
Michael Thomsen

Michael Thomsen has written for the Atlantic, the Daily Beast, Billboard, n+1, Bookforum, and the New Inquiry. He lives in New York.

Aug. 10 2017 11:02 AMMMA Comes to the PDCan mixed martial arts training make police officers less dangerous?
May 1 2013 8:15 AMThe Case Against GradesThey lower self-esteem, discourage creativity, and reinforce the class divide.
Feb. 28 2012 12:46 PMDark Night (After Night After Night) of the SoulIs a 100-hour video game ever worthwhile?
Sept. 12 2011 6:53 AMShooting GalleryWhy aren't there any civilians in military video games?
Dec. 28 2015 9:53 AMLegalizing Weed Isn’t EnoughOpen-container laws have always targeted the poor and marginalized. States and cities need to permit marijuana use in public.
April 4 2013 2:27 PMShoot First, Ask Questions LaterBioShock Infinite wants to be deep and philosophical, but it’s just one big hail of bullets.
Sept. 23 2011 12:48 PMDoes Public Nudity Spread Disease?Not especially.
Medical Examiner
May 25 2011 7:29 AMMan MilkMy curious quest to breast-feed.