Michael J. Socolow
Michael J. Socolow

Michael J. Socolow, author of Six Minutes in Berlin, teaches journalism at the University of Maine. He is currently a Fulbright scholar at the News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra in Australia.

Jan. 29 2019 8:00 AMThis Ram Was a PatriotWide receiver Willie Miller served two tours of duty in Vietnam and won the Silver Star. Why has his story been forgotten?
June 5 2015 4:42 PMNot Everyone Hates Citizens UnitedThe landmark campaign finance ruling made local TV stations very, very rich.
Future Tense
Jan. 15 2014 10:48 AMTed Stevens Wins: The Internet’s Tubes Will Be Unclogged
Five-ring Circus
July 23 2012 6:35 AMSix Minutes in BerlinIn 1936, nine American rowers took on the Nazis in front of Hitler and 75,000 screaming Germans. The story of the greatest Olympic race you’ve never heard of.
May 5 2017 11:38 AMAmerica’s Love Affair With the HindenburgBefore the German zeppelin met its fiery demise, it was an object of fascination for U.S. radio listeners.
June 3 2014 7:35 AMThe Day We Didn’t Invade NormandyOn June 3, 1944, American radio broadcasters announced that D-Day had begun. Whoops.
Oct. 28 2013 11:51 PMThe Myth of the War of the Worlds PanicOrson Welles’ infamous 1938 radio program did not touch off nationwide hysteria. Why does the legend persist?