Maura Kelly

Maura Kelly is the author of Much Ado About Loving, about what classic novels can teach you about mating, relating, and Internet dating. 

July 15 2013 3:00 PMWhy Are Air Conditioners So Heavy?It's the copper.
Aug. 2 2011 5:48 PMWho Says It's a Famine?When does large-scale hunger become a famine, and who decides?
July 27 2011 6:56 PMNafissatou and AmadouIt seems as if every Guinean in the news has the same last name. Is Diallo the Smith of West Africa?
May 4 2007 12:38 PMTracking DeviceHow about using GPS monitoring to stop batterers?
Sept. 6 2011 7:46 PMAre Veterans More Suicidal Than Ever?Comparing the psychiatric death tolls from Vietnam and today.
Aug. 2 2011 2:56 PMHow Do They Run Clinical Trials for Birth Control?Aren't the subjects afraid of getting pregnant?
May 25 2011 1:30 PMDoes Guinness Taste Better in Ireland?Yes, and not just because you're more likely to be drunk there.
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