Mark Gimein

Mark Gimein is a New York-based writer.

Hey, Wait A Minute
May 1 2008 5:22 PMIs India More Equal Than the United States?Inequality is important, but the way we measure it is stupid.
April 24 2008 11:25 AMInside the Liar's LoanHow the mortgage industry nurtured deceit.
April 14 2008 5:09 PMWhy I Love the TaxmanOwe the government money? The IRS could be your best friend.
April 4 2008 11:42 AMCountrywide Wants To Sell You a HouseThe foreclosure boom means they're the seller, the lender, and maybe even the appraiser. Would you buy a home that way?
April 30 2008 4:25 PMStop Blaming the InsurersIt's not them. It's us. Exposing three myths about the costs of private health insurance.
April 15 2008 8:12 AMHere Comes the Next Mortgage CrisisSubprime was just the beginning. Wait until California's prime borrowers start handing their keys to the bank.
Everyday Economics
April 9 2008 4:23 PMThe Eligible-Bachelor ParadoxHow economics and game theory explain the shortage of available, appealing men.
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