Mark Garrison
Mark Garrison

Mark Garrison is a reporter for the public radio program Marketplace. Follow him on Twitter.

Jan. 1 2015 8:07 AMThe Mother of All Egg-and-Cheese SandwichesYour new go-to hangover food.
Dec. 12 2012 5:19 PMPint SizedHow nanobreweries—fledgling operations in garages and backyard sheds—are revolutionizing the American beer industry.
Culture Gabfest
Feb. 22 2012 11:07 AMThe Culture Gabfest, “Great Granola Showdown” EditionListen to Slate's show about Downton Abbey, the Oscar-nominated film Moneyball, and the world’s greatest granola.
Dec. 21 2011 1:38 PMBeer Me, SommelierWhy beer deserves the same kind of expertise as wine.
Oct. 27 2011 10:43 AMThe Hops CeilingWomen in craft brewing are challenging the stereotype of the brawny brewmaster.
July 27 2011 12:31 PMBeyond BacardiRum deserves more respect.
April 22 2011 11:53 AMIncreasingly Absurd Girl Scout Cookie RecipesWhy would you eat a Thin Mint in its original form? 
June 20 2013 5:00 PMMore Sour to YouWhy tart foods like pickles, Greek yogurt, and kombucha are sweeping America.
March 7 2012 7:18 AMGrab Me a Warm OneDon’t believe Coors and Budweiser—cold temperatures ruin good beer.
Jan. 12 2012 7:00 AMAn Invisible Woman Taught Me GermanTry this amazing and free online language course.
Dec. 21 2011 1:32 PMCould You Be a Cicerone?Take our quiz.
Sept. 21 2011 10:04 AMBeyond OktoberfestThere's more to German brewing than Munich's lagers. Five delicious styles from the rest of the country to sample this fall.
June 15 2011 6:42 AMThe Portland of the Far EastCraft beer is booming in Japan.
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Hang Up And Listen
Nov. 24 2015 3:14 PM The “Classic, Irrational New York Exuberance” Bonus Segment The Hang Up and Listen crew discusses the hype over Kristaps Porzingis and his extraordinary height.