Luke O'Neil
Luke O'Neil

Luke O'Neil is a journalist in Boston. Follow him on Twitter.

Sports Nut
Jan. 21 2015 3:58 PMFootball’s JokerWhy Bill Belichick and his antics make the NFL a better place.
July 29 2014 4:26 PMSympathy for the OverdogWhy are grocery workers in New England rallying around their millionaire ex-CEO?
Sept. 23 2013 11:55 PMIt’s Hip to Be Hip, TooOwning my identity as a hipster, our generation’s most reviled cultural stereotype.
April 19 2013 2:29 PMSheltering in PlaceWhat it was like to live in Watertown last night—and to be there today.
March 29 2013 5:45 AMBoston Punk Zombies Are Watching You!The Boston police go undercover on the Internet to stop the city’s most dreaded scourge: DIY indie-rock shows.
Sports Nut
Nov. 18 2011 12:35 PMThe I FormationMy friends hate watching football with me. I couldn’t be happier.
March 10 2011 11:49 AMRemembrance of Things AssedHow my childhood friend became an Internet laughingstock.
Aug. 21 2014 2:46 PMGetting to News Feed ZeroWhat happens when you hide everything on Facebook?
Dec. 6 2013 7:59 PMVictimized TwiceRestaurant workers’ wages are routinely docked when customers walk out on their tab. It’s an outrage, and it needs to stop.
Aug. 16 2013 4:09 PMCritics Need to Stop Coddling RestaurantsReviewers should write about restaurants as soon as they open, instead of giving them time to find their legs.
April 16 2013 5:19 PMPark ItPlease stop talking about how flinty and resilient Boston is.
Jan. 5 2012 3:07 PMMarci and MeAfter 34 years, the Internet gave me a sister I’d never known.
Medical Examiner
May 9 2011 6:45 AMGym Rat ControlWhy is the Planet Fitness chain of health clubs trying to alienate people who love to work out?
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Dear Prudence
Feb. 8 2016 2:46 PM My Wife Won’t Stop Flirting on Facebook Dear Prudence answers more of your questions—only for Slate Plus members.