Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie is a writer based in London. Her first book, Princesses Behaving Badly, is out now.

Future Tense
Jan. 15 2015 8:53 AMThe Abracadabra A.I.Can artificial intelligence make magic more magical? And what does it mean if it can?
Feb. 18 2014 11:50 PMSelling FearSmart monitors cannot protect babies from SIDS, so what are they for?
Future Tense
Dec. 15 2013 11:45 PMThe Open-Sorcerers Some magicians are embracing the open-source ethos—but that doesn’t mean spilling every secret.
July 18 2014 12:13 PMBritain’s Abuzz About a Threat to Same-Sex Ballroom Dancing
Medical Examiner
Jan. 7 2014 11:48 PMThe Real Victims of Satanic Ritual AbuseThe dangers were imaginary, but the consequences were not.
Dec. 4 2013 9:17 AMHow Junk Science and Anti-Lesbian Prejudice Got Four Women Sent to Prison for More Than a Decade
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