Laura Hudson
Laura Hudson

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July 7 2015 4:12 PMSerious Bill-Paying SkillageErnest Cline’s Armada is everything wrong with gaming culture wrapped up in one soon-to-be–best-selling novel.
Jan. 5 2015 2:01 PMVideo Game Club 2014Entry 10: Defeating zombies by dancing? Crypt of the Necrodancer felt like the coolest game of 2014.
Dec. 30 2014 1:28 PMBreathe Easily, White AmericaNetwork TV’s most popular Friday-night series, CBS’s Blue Bloods, perfectly caters to your perspective on the police.
Brow Beat
July 30 2012 8:30 AMThe Climbing Scenes in The Dark Knight Rises Make No Sense
Feb. 23 2015 10:20 AMLife as a TargetThis War of Mine shifts the focus of war games from the shooters to the civilians caught in the crossfire.
Dec. 31 2014 9:56 AMVideo Game Club 2014Entry 6: I’m no longer interested in worrying about whether other gamers think I’m sufficiently hardcore.
Dec. 29 2014 7:00 AMVideo Game Club 2014Entry 2: The long road where achievements go to die, aka my favorite game of the year.
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Feb. 9 2016 1:49 PM The 11th Worst Super Bowl in History How do you measure Super Bowl mediocrity? Slate correspondent Justin Peters stacks them up.