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Laura Helmuth is Slate's science and health editor. 

Jan. 23 2013 3:48 PMCats Are EvilWhy New Zealand is right to consider banning them in order to save its wildlife.
Dec. 20 2012 2:09 PMIs The Impossible Reprehensible?Laura Helmuth and Dan Kois argue about the new movie based on the 2004 tsunami.
Nov. 7 2012 10:13 AMHow Did Science, Medicine, and the Environment Do in the Elections?Your House of Representatives now has twice as many physicists.
Sept. 29 2012 10:23 AMWhy Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery?He's going after the ultimate niche voter: Virginia’s Lyme disease conspiracy theorists.
Sept. 5 2012 2:52 PMRomney Out-Debates ObamaHow the GOP candidate schooled the president on science policy.
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Aug. 20 2012 10:24 AMTodd Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Comment Was Not a Misstatement. It Was a Worldview
July 16 2012 4:48 PMJonathan Franzen Is the World’s Most Annoying Bird-WatcherHe shouldn’t be the public face of this wonderful pastime.
Nuclear Power
Jan. 21 2013 5:34 AMChernobyl’s Wildlife SurvivorsThe radioactive fallout zone has turned into a refuge.
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Nov. 7 2012 5:26 PMGay Marriage Won the Vote, But Would Your Marriage?
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Oct. 21 2012 9:45 PMDexter, Season 7Isn't there an incest taboo for adopted siblings?
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Sept. 6 2012 12:30 PMNew Blow To Evolutionary Psychology is Good News for Women Who Want Men Who Cook and Clean
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Aug. 23 2012 2:30 PMDude, Bank Your Sperm. It’ll Get You Laid.
Culture Gabfest
July 25 2012 1:19 PMThe Culture Gabfest: Batman and Robins EditionSlate's podcast about The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Marclay’s 24-hour film The Clock, and the HBO documentary Birders: The Central Park Effect.