Laura Bennett
Laura Bennett Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett is Slate’s features director.

Culture Gabfest
June 23 2016 1:59 PMWords That Save LivesWe all have a song, a book, or a poem that gets us through life’s rough patches.
Dec. 2 2015 2:28 PMSlate Voice: “The End of the College Essay”Students hate writing papers, and professors hate grading them. Should we stop assigning them? Listen to the debate on Slate Plus
Sept. 10 2015 11:06 AM“I Was Gluten-Free Before It Was Cool”Listen to Laura Bennett read about how she was diagnosed with celiac disease in the ’90s, then watched “gluten-free” become a cultural craze.
June 19 2015 12:05 PMWhat I Read (Even When I’m Not Trying to Impress You)An honest “media diet.”
Slate Plus
March 15 2016 12:08 PMKeeping Up Staying on top of the ceaseless flow of culture is a full-time job, especially when it is in fact your job. 
Sept. 18 2015 12:12 PMThe Best of the First-Person InternetThe Internet prizes the harrowing personal essay. Here are seven worth reading.
Sept. 8 2015 11:05 AMTab Roulette: The Cultural EditionWhat browser tabs do Slate culture editors have open right now?
April 10 2015 11:13 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?How Laura Bennett sustains “a great tradition of tiny, ridiculous arguments, vigorously defended.”