Ken Silverstein

Ken Silverstein is a contributing editor at Harper's magazine.

June 20 2011 12:40 PMSilence of the Lambs For do-gooder NGOs in Cambodia, accommodation with the regime is very profitable.
May 1 2002 5:35 PMPutting a Happy Face on AngolaIt's all in a lobbyist's day.
Oct. 9 2001 9:00 PMWhen Osama Met the TalibanWho introduced them? Our intelligence "allies," Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence Agency.
May 19 2011 7:34 AMA Brief Tour of the Cambodian Sex IndustryIs buying sex a better way to help Cambodian women than buying a T-shirt?
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Oct. 16 2001 3:00 AMOur Man in OmanCould Sultan Qaboos bin Said be any nicer to the United States? 
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Oct. 3 2001 3:00 AMStingers, Stingers, Who's Got the Stingers?We gave them to the mujahideen. We sold them to our allies. Will they end up biting us back? 
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