Keith Kloor
Keith Kloor

Keith Kloor is a journalist based in New York. You can find him on twitter here. He is a former editor at Audubon magazine and often writes about environmental issues.

Alternative Energy
March 20 2013 1:17 PMCan Wind Turbines Make You Sick?A new syndrome appears to be highly contagious.
Dec. 12 2012 8:30 AMThe Great Schism in the Environmental MovementCan modern greens loosen nature’s grip on environmentalism? 
Nov. 5 2012 10:55 AMDelusions of DangerWhy the food movement’s demonization of genetically modified crops isn’t just scientifically baseless—it’s politically stupid.
Sept. 26 2012 5:15 AMGMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the LeftDon’t worry. Genetically modified corn isn’t going to give you cancer.
Nuclear Power
Jan. 14 2013 12:18 PMThe Pro-Nukes Environmental MovementAfter Fukushima, is nuclear energy still the best way to fight climate change?
Nov. 28 2012 1:55 PMClean Coal Isn’t a JokeLook past the fossil-fuel lobby’s empty, cynical slogan. The technology is there.
Future Tense
Oct. 10 2012 4:39 PMCompany Scraps Planned Seed Test Because of Political Fallout From That Terrible French GMO Study