Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips creates the Magnum Today’s Pictures feature for Slate.

Nov. 12 2012 9:37 AMIntimate Portraits of Hollywood Starlets
Oct. 19 2012 11:35 AMPhotos From the Gated Community Where Romney Made His 47 Percent Remarks
Oct. 5 2012 8:11 AMA Potato Chip Bra and Other Photos That Demand To Stand on Their Own
Oct. 31 2012 10:00 AMMagnum Photos: Weather and the Human Condition   
Oct. 12 2012 7:00 AMStars Are Just Like Us: Magnum Edition
Aug. 21 2012 6:33 PMAn Introvert’s PhotographerMartine Franck deserved to be remembered as more than her famous husband’s wife.
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