Karen Lehrman

Karen Lehrman is writing a book on the substance of style.

July 24 2002 2:16 PMInterior Anti-DesignA critique in pictures.
June 29 2001 3:00 AMThe $29,900 Styrofoam CupDo the art cognoscenti like the work they buy?
May 15 2001 3:00 AMThe Decline of Fashion PhotographyAn argument in pictures.
July 17 2001 9:00 PMFashion Do'sMarie Claire. Vogue. Harper's Bazaar. What's the difference?
June 13 2001 3:00 AMCraft WorkIf it's beautiful, is it still modern dance?
June 18 1998 3:30 AMThe Pottery Barn RevolutionThere's hope for American furniture.
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