John McQuaid

John McQuaid is the author of Tasty: The Art and Science of What We Eat. Follow him on Twitter.

Jan. 22 2015 8:15 AMThe Science of MmmHow food and drink tickle the brain’s pleasure centers.
Jan. 20 2015 12:46 PMWhy Do We Like Bitter Foods?There are receptors for bitter compounds all over your body.
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Oct. 13 2006 7:35 AMIs Global Warming Causing Bigger Hurricanes?The nasty scientific battle behind one of our most important weather mysteries.
Jan. 21 2015 9:29 AMSecret SauceUmami is what makes savory foods so delicious.
Nov. 30 2012 5:45 AMFinally, a Victory Against Mountaintop RemovalThe first crack in a firewall that has protected big coal for decades.
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