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John Dickerson is Slate's chief political correspondent and author of On Her Trail. Read his series on the presidency and on risk.

Political Gabfest
June 20 2014 1:06 PMThe “I Don’t Have a Title for This Show” EditionListen to Slate's show about Iraq’s sectarian violence, the capture of alleged Benghazi terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala, and the Facebook threat case that’s headed to the Supreme Court.
June 16 2014 4:59 PMHeal ThyselfIf President Obama is such a disaster, why are Republican Party presidential hopefuls spending so much time talking about how they can save the GOP?
Slate Picks
June 11 2014 10:14 AMSome Capital EatsSlate-sters dish on their favorite restaurants in Washington, D.C.
June 10 2014 6:36 PMDoes Hillary Clinton Feel Your Pain?Her “dead broke” comment will be forgotten. What’s more problematic are questions about her honesty.
June 6 2014 11:07 AMSafe ChoicesMaybe if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, she’ll tell us what she really thinks.
June 3 2014 12:12 PMHow Democratic Senators Can Survive in a Bad YearThink local, talk about pork, and define your opponent early and often.
May 27 2014 6:33 PMWhat Do You Look For in a President?It doesn’t matter. People rarely vote for the attributes they claim they value.
May 22 2014 2:44 PMThe Best Shot at Ending Gridlock in NovemberIf you want to shake up Washington, vote for a Republican Senate candidate.
May 19 2014 1:46 PMWill Obama Work As Hard to Solve the VA Crisis As He Did to Fix
May 14 2014 10:35 PMWhy Is the GOP’s Civil War So Civil?So far the GOP hardly seems like it is at war with itself. In fact, the party’s primaries are producing strong candidates for the fall.
Slate Plus
May 9 2014 11:07 AMMy Week at SlateSlate’s chief political correspondent John Dickerson shares why he loved writing for the magazine this week.
May 8 2014 11:44 PMDear KidsThis Mother’s Day, write a letter to your children. Leave them something for after you’re gone.
May 8 2014 1:52 PMThe Fan in MeThe world of Bob Dylan obsessives.
Political Gabfest
May 2 2014 11:47 AMThe Go Ahead, Search My OkCupid Profile GabfestListen to Slate’s show about Donald Sterling’s racist rant, a botched execution in Oklahoma, and the Supreme Court case regarding warrantless cellphone searches.
April 29 2014 2:20 PMGeorge Washington Wanted a Simple Inauguration 225 Years Ago. No One Listened.Why the presidency has seemed like a prison ever since.
June 18 2014 5:43 PMUnder Old ManagementWhy the Tea Party’s victories will lead to disappointment.
Political Gabfest
June 13 2014 10:48 AMThe “Eric Cantor Sure Wears Beautiful Shoes” GabfestListen to Slate's show about Eric Cantor's shocking defeat, Hillary Clinton's new memoir, and California's teacher tenure case.
June 11 2014 12:41 AMHaunted HouseEric Cantor’s surprise defeat is a warning to all Republicans: Be very afraid.
Political Gabfest
June 6 2014 11:19 AMThe Go Ahead, Negotiate With Terrorists GabfestListen to Slate's show about the deal with the Taliban to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the EPA's new emissions regulations, and the bizarre runoff in Mississippi's GOP Senate primary.
June 4 2014 12:25 PMMississippi MudThe Republican Party’s civil war finally arrived, and it isn’t over yet.
May 29 2014 5:30 PMAmerica’s Next DeciderHillary Clinton’s new book is about many things—but mostly why she is ready to be president.
Political Gabfest
May 23 2014 12:56 PMThe Gabfest Debates Reparations
May 20 2014 6:23 PMWhy the VA Scandal Is the Real OutrageThere is a cost to being perpetually outraged. We have nothing left when something genuinely terrible is exposed.
Political Gabfest
May 16 2014 1:55 PMThe Google Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Forget You GabfestListen to Slate's show about melting ice in Antarctica, Jill Abramson's firing from the New York Times, and an EU court ruling on Internet privacy.
May 13 2014 6:11 PMPaging Dr. Rove!Karl Rove’s outlandish claim about Hillary Clinton’s brain is only the first of many bizarre charges she will face.
Political Gabfest
May 9 2014 10:53 AMThe I Miss Monica Lewinsky GabfestListen to Slate’s show about the Supreme Court’s prayer decision, North Carolina’s Senate primary, and Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair essay.
Slate Plus
May 8 2014 2:16 PMHe’s Very Well Read It’s Well KnownEverything John Dickerson thinks you should read if you really want to understand Bob Dylan.
May 7 2014 6:01 AMThe GOP Strikes BackThe Republican Party is reining in its primary debates to take control of the crazy.
April 30 2014 6:19 PMLies, Damned Lies, and Garden-Variety Self-DeceptionWhy the new Benghazi emails aren’t a “smoking gun.”  
Political Gabfest
April 25 2014 11:10 AMThe "Can You Say President Rick Perry?" GabfestListen to Slate's show about the Common Core curriculum, the Texas gubernatorial race, and the presidential ambitions of Lone Star politicians.




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