Jodie T. Allen

Jodie T. Allen is the senior editor at the Pew Research Center.

Aug. 20 2010 2:28 PMLetters to the Summer TenantsThe lament of a self-martyred landlord.
The Slate60
Feb. 28 2005 5:29 AMThe Ninth Annual Slate 60America's most generous philanthropists, and where they gave.
High Concept
Jan. 3 2002 2:55 PMPick Your PersonaDo it now, before you get old and somebody picks it for you.
Press Box
Dec. 31 1999 2:42 AM
This Just In
Dec. 10 1999 1:27 AM
The Best Policy
July 27 1999 3:30 AM Do Nothing, Congress!In times like these, that government really is best that governs least.
The Slate60
Jan. 28 1999 3:30 AMThe 1998 Slate 60Introduction 
Nov. 13 1998 9:30 PMThe Microsoft Trial
Aug. 2 1998 3:30 AMMillennium VerbotenAn exchange of Cabinet-level e-mail in response to the latest White House directive.
A Fine Whine
June 26 1998 3:30 AMLiving in a Second-Best WorldWe disgruntled telephone and airline users are victims of a theory that doesn't apply.
The Breakfast Table
June 23 1999 1:06 AMDissecting the Day's News
The Best Policy
March 8 1998 3:30 AMGroping Toward a New LiberalismWhat's good for Monica Lewinsky is good for America.
Feb. 14 1998 3:30 AMThe Republican EndgameSure, they back Bill on Iraq--but only if he does the impossible.
Not The Best Policy
Nov. 20 1997 3:30 AMThis Is (Not Quite) Your LifeWhy do public figures pad their autobiographies?
A Fine Whine
Sept. 13 1997 3:30 AMLetters to the Summer TenantsThe lament of a self-martyred landlord.
July 6 2007 3:53 PMLetters to the Summer TenantsRenting to the wrong people.
The Bottom Line
March 1 2002 11:11 AMEnron and the Swindle CycleLike clockwork, rip-offs follow the booms.
Oct. 25 2001 12:39 AMA Sept. 11 ProspectusThe folks at RearGuard tell you how to turn trauma into money.  
Dec. 13 1999 9:56 AMPresent at the Creation
Sept. 9 1999 4:30 AM Remembering HerbHerbert Stein, 1916-1999.
The Best Policy
April 17 1999 3:30 AM War by NumbersThe president may grow faint at the sight of blood, but the polls show that the people don't.
Other Magazines
Jan. 10 1999 3:30 AM
The Best Policy
Nov. 13 1998 3:30 AMThe Message TrapVoters' little secret: We like a do-nothing Congress.
July 4 1998 3:30 AMPointillismA Talmudic exegesis of the "Talking Points."
July 1 1999 12:28 AMPolitical Scuttlebutt
March 27 1998 3:30 AMCan Newt Gingrich Save Social Security?His approach looks positively moderate compared with the radical one being offered by Sen. Moynihan.
The Slate60
Feb. 22 1998 3:30 AMThe largest American charitable contributions of 1997 and early 1998.Introduction
Hey, Wait A Minute
Jan. 31 1998 3:30 AMBill Clinton: My StorySlate's Washington editor attempts to clear the air.
The Slate60
Nov. 16 1997 3:30 AMIntroduction by Jodie T. Allen
The Best Policy
Aug. 31 1997 3:30 AMA Brief History of TaxesAre tax cuts good (and tax hikes bad) for the economy? You sure can't prove it from the data.


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