Joanna Weiss

Joanna Weiss is an Op-Ed columnist for the Boston Globe and author of the novel Milkshake.

May 2 2013 11:23 AMBreaking BadHave TV antiheroes like Walter White made us believe we can understand real-life villains like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
March 28 2011 7:04 AMPlay NiceThe rise—and fall?—of the mean sitcom.
May 6 2009 11:08 AMScrubsGoofy, cartoonish, and the most accurate portrayal of the medical profession on TV.
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Oct. 6 2011 10:27 AM

How Breast-Feeding Activists Attack the Wrong Targets

April 15 2010 9:42 AMWhat Do TV Directors Do?Just about everything movie directors do, only faster.
Sept. 24 2008 12:57 PMOne and DoneHow not to be the first contestant kicked off a reality show.
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