Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan is a writer in New York City. You can follow her on Twitter and her website.

March 3 2014 11:45 PMKick Andrew Jackson Off the $20 Bill!The seventh president engineered genocide. He should be vilified, not honored.
Aug. 26 2013 2:58 PMBeyond the Turkey BasterMidwives are performing intrauterine inseminations at home, without formal education or regulation. What could go wrong?
June 13 2013 8:14 AMMarry Me. And Me.The case for polyamory. And while we’re at it, let’s privatize marriage.
April 15 2013 5:35 AMLegalize Polygamy!No. I am not kidding.
Sept. 30 2013 3:35 PMKeep the ChangeGiving money to child beggars is the least generous thing a tourist can do.
July 24 2013 11:49 AMIs Sex Addiction Real or Just an Excuse?A new study suggests that there’s no such thing as a clinical addiction to sex.
June 10 2013 4:49 PMWhere Should I Flee to Avoid Extradition?Hong Kong? Iceland? Ecuador? Paris is lovely this time of year.
Medical Examiner
March 8 2013 8:11 AMWe’re Kinky, Not CrazyIncluding “paraphilic disorders” in the DSM V is redundant, unscientific, and stigmatizing.