Jesse Dorris
Jesse Dorris

Jesse Dorris is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter.

Oct. 28 2015 11:12 AM“I’m Neither a Subject Nor a Provider of Beef”A conversation with Carrie Brownstein.
The XX Factor
Oct. 6 2015 2:34 PMIn Chantal Akerman’s Films, Women’s Domestic Lives Are More Than Meets the Eye
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July 24 2015 3:40 PMRemembering Ingrid Sischy, Who Changed the Way We Thought About Art, Fashion, and Celebrity
Buy a Small Business
Oct. 1 2014 11:48 PMInking the DealWhy tattoo parlors are a great small-business bet.
When Big Businesses Were Small
Oct. 21 2013 4:17 PMThe Cheese Stands AloneHow Annie’s Homegrown exploded in size without destroying its wholesome, grassroots image.
Oct. 28 2015 10:30 AMRemixing the CandidatesThese strange and wonderful vinyl album covers imagine presidential hopefuls as music stars.
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July 31 2015 4:53 PMMad Men Auction: At Last, Something Beautiful You Can Truly Own
June 26 2015 1:42 PMJustice Kennedy, Please Don’t Confuse Me With Morrissey
June 13 2014 12:48 PMCan Disco Be Political? Hercules and Love Affair Dance Their Way to an Answer.
Sept. 11 2013 12:37 PMThe Beats With a Billion EyesHe’s conquered the headphones market, but Dr. Dre isn’t selling great sound. He’s not even selling celebrity. He’s selling the concept of “bass.”
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Hang Up And Listen
Nov. 24 2015 3:14 PM The “Classic, Irrational New York Exuberance” Bonus Segment The Hang Up and Listen crew discusses the hype over Kristaps Porzingis and his extraordinary height.