Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers is a Slate intern.

The Hive
April 12 2010 8:03 AMTwelve Ideas. Choose the Best One.Here are the finalists in Slate's energy-efficiency crowdsourcing contest. Please vote for your favorite.
The Hive
March 12 2010 2:04 PMYou Came, You Thought, You DrankThe best ideas generated at Slate's live discussion about "The Efficient Life."
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 23 2010 10:13 AMThe Olympics Sap-o-MeterA Canadian skater becomes "the daughter of the Olympics."
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 16 2010 10:46 AMThe Olympics Sap-o-MeterThe Sap-o-Meter finds redemption.
Jan. 7 2010 6:01 PMGetting the Ax From George ClooneyDo firing consultants really exist?
April 6 2010 12:28 PMMine Disaster FAQWhat to do if you're trapped, and other questions answered.
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 24 2010 10:40 AMThe Olympics Sap-o-MeterMothers and daughters on ice.
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 18 2010 11:22 AMThe Olympics Sap-o-MeterLindsey Vonn cries, NBC rejoices.
Human Nature
Jan. 14 2010 4:06 PMHow To Fix Airport SecurityThe results of Slate's reader contest.