James Verini
James Verini

James Verini is a writer living in Africa and a senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism.

The World
Sept. 1 2014 11:45 PMClose Your HeartThe Central African Republic’s sectarian civil war has divided a once peaceful nation, and pitted brother against brother.
Summer Movies
June 15 2010 9:44 AMThe Real DealThe unjustly unheralded Michael Winterbottom blurs the line between fiction and documentary.
March 1 2005 12:41 PMRubber MatchWhich condom is best?
Oct. 5 2011 2:59 PMIs There an “Obama Effect” on Crime?A surprising new theory for the continuing crime decline among black Americans.
June 3 2010 9:43 AMThe Vatican Loves a Good StoryIt takes money, a medical miracle, and a compelling vita to make it as a saint today.
March 3 2004 10:59 AMSupersize ItOur waistlines aren't all that's expanding—our stuff is, too.