James Traub

James Traub is at work on a book about Kofi Annan and the United Nations.

Feb. 22 2006 4:45 PMSchool of Hard KnocksWhat President Summers never learned about Harvard.
Jan. 14 2005 5:20 PMTsunami Tour With Kofi AnnanThe plight of the plucky Maldives.
Sports Nut
May 13 2003 5:16 PMConfessions of a Chess DadHow to console your son after checkmate.
Sports Nut
March 19 2003 5:25 PMBombs Over ScottsdaleAs war begins in Iraq, Barry Bonds launches shots in Arizona.
May 15 1997 3:30 AMI Was WrongNathan Glazer comes to terms with multiculturalism.
Oct. 24 2005 5:35 AMIvory Tower IntriguesThe pseudo-meritocracy of the Ivy League.
Nov. 22 2004 6:21 PMTraveling With Kofi AnnanDiplomatic theater in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam.
Sports Nut
March 24 2003 6:28 PMGlove ChildAt spring training, I torture my son by making him shag fly balls.
Aug. 10 1997 3:30 AMNew York's Loneliest LiberalRuth Messinger's bad rap.
The City
May 1 1997 3:30 AMHelter ShelterJust try to help the homeless help themselves.
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