Harold Pollack
Harold Pollack

Harold Pollack is the Helen Ross Professor of Social Service Administration and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago, and a nonresident fellow of the Century Foundation.

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Dec. 1 2017 5:09 PMKellyanne Conway Is a Partisan Show HorseThat’s exactly why Trump picked her to “fix” the opioid problem—he wants to seem like he’s doing something.
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July 5 2017 5:01 PMHow the GOP Health Care Bill Will Harm the DisabledIt’s impossible to imagine making such massive changes to any other group’s coverage without consulting the people affected.
June 26 2017 8:45 PMAmericans With Disabilities Should Be TerrifiedFor many, the GOP health care plan could weaken crucial protections—and sever the essential lifeline of Medicaid.
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Dec. 26 2015 2:00 AMThe Stay Healthy EditionSlate Money talks Obamacare, the economics of neglected diseases, and author Harold Pollack tells us about his financial guide The Index Card
July 24 2017 3:11 PMThe Known Unknowns of the GOP Health Care PlanThe intended consequences of Trumpcare are scary enough. What about the unintended ones?
June 30 2017 11:38 AMTrumpcare Will Probably Kill Thousands Each YearAnd it is neither alarmist nor uncivil to say so.
The Bills
Jan. 7 2016 12:35 PMMutual Funds Enrich the Financial Services Industry at Your ExpenseChannel Warren Buffett and invest in low-cost index funds instead.