Gershom Gorenberg

Gershom Gorenberg is an Israeli historian and journalist. His latest book is The Unmaking of Israel.

Jan. 2 2014 7:47 AMAnti-Social MediaWhy Twitter doesn’t make a one-state solution any more likely.
Nov. 8 2011 7:12 AMIsrael’s Old-Time ReligionHow government policies have caused the surge in ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Israel—and why it’s an economic disaster.
June 17 2009 6:02 PMBarack the ZionistWhy President Obama's approach to settlements is better for Israel than Benjamin Netanyahu's is.
Nov. 9 2011 6:59 AMHow to Save IsraelThe three steps that could rescue it from endless conflict and international ostracism.
Nov. 7 2011 6:41 AMThe Mystery of 1948Did Israel actually plan to expel most of its Arabs in 1948? Or not?
July 21 2006 6:20 AMEhud OlmertIsrael's prime minister had one epiphany. He needs another.
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