George Johnson

George Johnson is the author of The Cancer Chronicles. He blogs at Fire in the Mind for Discover. You can follow him on Twitter at @byGeorgeJohnson.

Medical Examiner
Aug. 28 2013 5:56 AMHow Many People Were Killed by Love Canal?The surprising statistics of environmental cancers.
April 21 2010 9:55 AMOn Top of Microwave MountainI tried to sauté my brain at the base of a cell phone tower. It didn't work.
April 26 2007 7:23 AMGod Is in the DendritesCan "neurotheology" bridge the gap between religion and science?
May 14 2003 2:09 PMA Quantum Computer Is a Hacker's Dream
Medical Examiner
March 19 2013 4:10 PMCancer Cluster or Chance?The link between environmental contaminants and cancer is surprisingly weak, if not imaginary.
May 14 2009 7:36 PMEverything Is IlluminatiWhy can't the Catholic Church shake free of a 200-year-old conspiracy theory?
May 15 2003 2:41 PMQubits or Not Qubits?
May 13 2003 1:04 PMThe Quantum Weirdness of Parallel Universes
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